Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rain & Love

  is   like a   flower   needs
     sun and rain to grow, not always a
     bed of roses. Nor happiness and laughter,
    but  it has trials that we need to pass too. Love
    is  a strong  affection and  personal attachment and
   not to be  taken  for  granted. We  can overcome  trials
    and  difficulties  in   relationship  when  both   have  courage
     to continue  seeking  solution  to  solve any  issue, be  strong.

When rain pours don't give up easily.
Remember after rain, there's sunshine coming in.


  1. weeeeee..another shape are so creative ateh..ok love love true can't add anything more *blink* ;)

  2. hi sagittarian, yes i do agree with you that after rain, there will be sunshine again..
    and must tell you that your poat here is very creative, great! i like it dear. have a nice day

  3. WoW! What a *creative* post, dear! I love the animated cloud 'showering' on the beautiful message of *love*! The image of the couple underneath the words represents them staying bonded through sunshine and storms!

    Thank you for sharing ~ I have a big smile on my face :-) Hope you're having a *blessed* day! x0x

  4. Hello.
    For any relationship to be successful, it does indeed need to be cherished & loved by both involved. Facing ups & downs together brings two people even closer. A problem shared is a problem halved.

    Lovely words & awesome imagery.
    Thanks for sharing. Always a pleasure to have you stop by my blog with your encouraging comments. Keep them coming (smile).

    Golden Footprints

  5. Love your images - so creative. Everyday cannot be rainy or sunny. Great post!

  6. Nice and beautiful....^_^
    Super like!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hello Sagittarian.
    Well, as they say, when it rains, it really poors.
    I love this.
    You have such a way with words.
    Love should never be taken for granted.
    When we truly love someone, we can overcome anything life throws at us.
    Have a great day.

  8. Very nicely written poem. What you wrote is true. :)

  9. I really enjoyed your poem (and the imagery is so cute!)
    Thank you for sharing!

    I have been blessed with a wonderful love for many years but it's not always been days of sunshine but our love keeps us committed to each other!

    Wishing you a lovely day!

  10. @ Sie,

    Hi sis! :) Thanks a lot! :) Right, love, love,love!lols..hugs and kisses..:)

    Good morning! :)

  11. @ Wan,

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    Wonderful day to you!:)

  12. @ Princesa Fiona,

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    A wonderful time for you! :)

  13. @ Andy,

    Your welcome Andy!:) And thanks too for keep coming and sharing me your support too! :) It's a great honor for me..:)

    Have a wonderful time :)

  14. @ Lisa,

    Thank you for coming over Lisa :) It's so true it's not always rain and sun. After rain, sunshine's in..:) Thanks for sharing..:)

    A wonderful day/evening to you! :)

  15. @ Inaam Dugal,

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  16. @ Berlina,

    Thank you dear for coming! :) It's true anything life throw us, if there's really love for both, they will overcome all..:)

    A blessed day/night to you! :)

  17. @ Balqis,

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  18. @ Margie,

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  19. Profound. Lovely pain of words. And, a strong message in it.

    The post looks really pretty:)

  20. @ Saru Singhal,

    Hi! Thanks for visiting! :) Love to see you around! :) God bless you! :)

  21. very well said sagi... beautiful!
    even I love the way you've presented. Rain is literally pouring on your poem sagi ! :))

  22. @ Kitty,

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    Blessed day/evening! :)

  23. @ Inspiredbeauty,

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  24. Wonderfully Written!!! I just love your writings and pictures!! Keep Smiling!! xoxo :)

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