Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Life..

When Things Once Sweet And Starts To Sour

once you've love and then hatred
 happiness turned into sadness 
visions that  are clear
then  suddenly  fade
comfort to agony
Just hold on
don't quit
~ HOPE ~


  1. Hope is the light that keeps our lives bright. A very sincere piece of poetry. I like it. *THUMBS UP*

    The new background looks very serene.

    Have a nice day! :)

  2. aha ateh is there something wrong?..is this based on your real life emotions ateh?

    your right po if everything in our lives seem to be dim and dark shadows catches our every breath..hope will always serve our light to guide our path..passing by po ;0

  3. I know. I can feel that too my friend, I had been through a lot, but hope always refuels me.... my Big Sister is stronger than I know for sure :) Keep it up Sis :) Life, it's about the hope for the Light :)

  4. Hope...It keeps you alive in all those tough hours..


  5. Hope always keeps us going! Nicely penned! Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. @ Sui,

    Thanks for sharing, you're right HOPE is the light to keep our lives bright :) THUMBS UP to you too!:)

    Blessed day my friend!:)

  7. @ Lisa,

    Hi:) Thanks you so much! Have a pleasant day! :)

  8. @ sie,

    Hi sis,:) Thanks a lot for always sharing! :) Lie is really full of mystery but above all, we must hold on and keep our hope high.:)

    God bless my dear sister, :) *smile*

  9. @ Prime,

    Thanks a lot Prime! :) Right, HOPE is LIGHT :) We can pass all, no matter what :)

    Keep it up too! :) Good morning! :)

  10. @ Saru,

    Definitely! HOPE will keep us alive! :) Thanks for coming Saru! :) Blessed day! :)

  11. @ Balqis,

    You're right my friend! :)HOPE will keep us going! :) *hug and kisses* thanks a lot! :)

    Good morning Balqis! :)*smile*

  12. Without ~*HOPE*~ how would we cope? How would we get up every morning and get through each day? Hope is a *beautiful* thing and essential for our existence!

    Loved the creative way you displayed this writing and the image is so unique! Lovely words, my dear! You always personify a spirit of beauty and hope ♥ Much Love :-)

  13. I really enjoyed this!
    We all need hope!
    I always use the expression "let's hope for the best."

    Hope ...
    My hope springs up
    in spite of blows
    higher after every
    fall ...
    Down the road of
    life it goes
    bounding like
    a rubber

    Just thought I'd share my little take on Hope!

    Thanks for the kind words on my last post.
    So, the profile picture is of your daughter, she is adorable!

    Margie xo

  14. Hope is the only one thing we have left at times. There were times I thought things would never get better and I lost hope. When things got better, I realized nothing ever stays the same. Now I try to always hold onto that hope even if I have nothing else.

  15. @Margie ~ I use that expression too!

    LOVE the poem you shared here :-) x0x

    @Sagittarian ~ Stopping by to give you another *hug* too :-) Margie was my first friend on Blogger ~ she's such a lovely woman and I'm happy that both of you are connected now. Just thought I'd share that little piece of info with you :-) Hope you're enjoying your day!

  16. @ ~*Princesa Fiona*~,

    Hi Princesa Fiona! :) Thank you so much for sharing, HOPE is really beautiful,. when there's LIFE , there's HOPE, as the saying goes.. *hugs*

    Thanks a lot! :)

  17. @ Margie,

    Hi:) Thanks a lot! :) I love your sharing about HOPE :) It's so great! :) Can I post it here? muaaaahhh :)

    Thank you so much Matgie! :) Yap, the baby I'm using is my princess :) *hugs*

  18. @ Princesa Fiona,

    Thanks for the info about Margie! :) Oh, I'm so happy to know that Margie was your first blogger friend, and am lucky that I've found the two of you here at blogger :) Margie as I am seeing her through her writing, she has a wonderful heart like you Princesa Fiona, I'm blessed to have you both as my friend :)*hug and kisses*

    God bless us all..:)

  19. @ Missy,

    Hi Missy, thanks for your inspiring comment :) It so true, HOPE is the only thing we have when trouble or difficulties comes in our way.

    Thank you so much Missy for coming! :) A blessed day to you! :)

  20. Yes, and I think that's what slows a lot of people down; they think there's no hope, which is absurd -- there's always hope! (:

  21. Hello Sagittarian.
    Where there's a will, there's a way & where there's hope, there's life.
    Beautifully expressed.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

    Zealous For Your Love

  22. @Cloe,

    Hi dear:) I love to see you visiting all my blog! :) It's really a great honor for me:) Thanks a lot, and it so true HOPE is the best way after all the trial and error of life.:)*hug* Smile*

  23. @ Andy,

    Thanks too! :) God bless you always! :)*smile*

  24. There is always hope - hope is what makes the world go round.


    Anna :o]

  25. @HyperCRYPTICal,

    Hi Ana,:) Thanks for sharing! :) Wonderful day to you!:)

  26. Fiona, you are so kind and touched my heart so much!
    Thank you!

    And we have a lot in common, even use the same expressions. LOL


  27. Sagattarian, yes, of-course you may use my poem and I thank you for the kind words!


  28. @Margie,

    Thank you so much for your kind heart too! :) *smile* :)

  29. And we are both blessed to know you, sweet Sagittarian :) ♥

    Dear Margie
    You're welcome and I'm lol @ us using the same expressions! :) x0x

  30. Even greater than hope is Faith and why not just go directly to yourSelf or God or Love, then you have access to all the Goodness in your humanity and around you in our world. Unfortuantely the bad stuff doesn't go away, it just no longer has power over us.

    Best wishes & kindest regards,

    1. Hi Mike, thank you so much for sharing us your great word, it so true that Faith is greater than Hope. Having strong Faith will help us to hold on tight with God. And i believe too, that going directly to God is more powerful than anything else, because HE is the only ONE who can protect us from all evil spirits that are living here in this world.

      Thanks a lot Mike, this is really an spiritual uplifting,thank you for taking time to share it with us here.:) I really appreciate your kindness,:)

      God bless you and your heart :)


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