Friday, January 6, 2012

Love Cinquain



  Precious, priceless, passionate
  Caring, sharing, forgiving 
Everybody's desire 

My first simple  Cinquain poem is dedicated to a great poet, our mentor, inspiration and special friend Princesa Fiona. Thank you so much for sharing us your precious talent in writing different form of  poetry.

Princess Fiona @ The Princess Passions

Steps to follow:

Line 1: One noun (a person, place or thing) This will be the subject of your Cinquain
Line 2: Three adjectives which describe the noun of line one.
Line 3: Three descriptive gerunds, which are verbs (action words) + ing.
Line 4: One complete sentence that relates to your subject.
Line 5: One noun which is a synonym of the first noun in line one.  Synonyms are words that  mean  the same thing.  Antonyms are opposite.


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  1. I am not too late for my absence Big Sister, look I am the first here to read this beautiful Cinquain of yours~! Love is truly precious, priceless and passionate! yes, I believe so! Congrats sis, and you come out again with your distinctive art! The animated graphics! It conveys emotions too and Princess looks so pretty in her photo! :) *Smiles*

  2. Lovely Cinquain!!!! I'll try to write one soon! You've done very well and Princess Fiona's gonna be so happy! Keep Smiling! :)

  3. Lovely. It is beautiful...
    I loved the way to acknowledge Lady Fiona...:)

  4. @ Prime,

    Thank you so much! I know I don't have the talent doing a great one, but I'm trying..:))hahaha There's no harm in trying, right? At least I tried it at my simplest way.:)

    Good evening! :)

  5. @ Hisila,

    Thank you so much!:) I believe you can do much better Hisila, coz' you have the passion in writing poetry.:) Happy to see you around! :)

  6. @ Saru,

    Thank you friend!:)Happy to have you here! :) God bless you! :)

  7. Beautiful expressions of love! The animated heart complements it. :)

  8. Nice one friend! And the pic is so lovely.......:)
    I just wanted to know one thing, when i searched about cinquain, it stated the same rules that you mentioned here, but along with that, there was one more rule, i.e., 1st line- 1 syllable, 2nd-2syllable, 3rd- 3 syllable, 4th- 4 syllable n 5th line-1 syllable.......i followed this rule for writing it wrong? Is this information correct or not? please tell me! :) :)

  9. A *beautiful* first Cinquain, Sagittarian! I am already 'WoWed' by this poem and lovely image and then I scroll down to see your *dedication* to me!!

    Now, I'm speechless!!! Thank you for those very generous, kind words and I LOVE the animations under my picture! *Big gigantic, 'you made my day' Smiles*

    Thank you so much, <3 sweetheart <3!!! You're *awesome* :-)

    To Prime ~ *blushes and big smiles* ♥

  10. To Aakriti

    There are 3 different forms of the Cinquain. I chose not to introduce the syllable one first. If you surf the web, you'll see many examples of the form used in this particular challenge *smiles*

    To Sagittarian

    Hope that was OK to instruct here? It is your blog and in your time zone you are probably still sleeping :-)

    I messed up on the hearts I was giving you so here they are ~♥_♥~ <- - my new smiley ~ LoL!

  11. @ Balqis,

    Thanks a lot! :) My never ending thanks to you....:) hugs and kisses.. :) Great morning! :)

  12. @ Aakriti,

    Thank you so much for dropping by! :) About your querry, Princess Fiona answered you right away! Coz' she knew all about it!:)

    Thank you so much my friend!:)

  13. @ Princesa Fiona,

    Thank you for liking it:) Learning from you is a great opportunity for us, and I don't want to miss that chances, so I grabbed it,lols..:)) Thanks a lot for keeping me to your company :)

    A wonderful evening to you Princesa Fiona..:)

  14. @ Princesa Fiona,

    I forgot, to thank you about Aakriti's query, thanks you sooooooooo muchhhhhh!! :) Yap, it's Ok Princesa fiona, coz' i can't give Aakriti's my answer too coz' i don't know also about it, lols.. *sigh*

    Thank you!:) *hugs and kisses*..:) smile from here :)

  15. @Princess Fiona and Saggi: Thanks both of you! I was bit confused with that......but convinced now! :) :)

  16. @ ♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫,

    Thanks for dropping by! :) Blessed day to you! :)

  17. @ Aakriti,

    Right! :) I'm also a bit..:)) Coz' don't know how to answer you! lols..:)) Thanks to Princesa Fiona! :)

    God bless! :)

  18. Hello Professor Fiona *Smiles, really big and wide*

    Sis, you have tried it in your best way, not the simplest, I will argue lol :) Anyway, I have mine too, please check it out...

    P.S. Please do not forget to submit your link Sis to our New! SB Blog Directory... See you :)

  19. Hey !!! <3
    Sweet poem. Great job, keep it up friend =D

  20. This is lovely!
    And it's dedicated to a lovely lady!
    I love that!

    Margie :)

  21. @ Prime,

    Thank you so much! :) And you also did great with yours! I love it too! :) And I did sent my 3 links to your blog directory , coz' I don't like to be forgotten by SB! :))

    Thanks a lot for sharing! :)

  22. @ Dana,

    Hi friend! :) Thanks for passing by! :) Blessed and wonderful day to you! :)

  23. @ Margie,

    Thank you so much! :) Yap, dedicated to a lovely friend..:)As lovely as you.:) Great time for you! :)

  24. hi sagittarian, thank you for sharing the way to compose a chiquain... so sweeeet of you. i wish i know your name.
    great chiquain, happy for you dear and have a nice day

  25. superb !
    i'm speechless and it's more meaningful when you specially dedicated it to Fiona :)

  26. @ Inspector,

    Thank you my younger bro!:) Hope you're just fine! :) Blessed day to you! :)

  27. @ Wan,

    Thank you so much for your nice comment as well Wan! :) I'm happy to see you always! :) Great evening! :)

  28. Hello.
    This is a lovely offering to Princesa Fiona's challenge.
    We are indeed blessed to be able to share, encourage & learn from each other.
    Keep on writing & visiting. I truly appreciate your comments.

    Flower Of India

  29. @ Andy,

    Thank you Andy! :) For keep coming too! :) God bless you! :)

  30. Thank you for the comment :) I have done the follow up :)

  31. @ ♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫,

    Thank you so much! :) Nice to see you around! :) Blessed day! :)


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