Thursday, January 12, 2012


Rivers flow with hitch
darkness bounded life so tight
at the end is light

This is my first attempt to write haiku, and I love to share it with my friend who's so special and an inspiration when it comes to haiku, a very talented blogger. Thank you so much for being such a great friend :)

Part And Parcel Of Life...




  1. Your first haiku is beautiful! Balqis is going to be so proud of you! She's also going to be touched by your special mention of her here!

    Congrats ~ I really loved it and also the image :-) I must try a haiku soon ~ I told Balqis that it's on my list of things to do in 2012 he he!

    Hope this finds you having a wonderful day, my lovely friend ♥

  2. I don't think I have ever tried a haiku poem, since I'm too fascinated and obsessed with rhyming prose.

    I think your first attempt is beautiful though. The words go very well with the picture that you've shown in the post.

  3. Hello Sagitarrian.
    Yes indeed, your first haiku is marvelous! Love your imagery.
    A lovely way to honor a good friend.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Today's your lucky day! I have a surprise for you. Please come to my blog here...

  4. hi sagittarisn , oops i mean Linda, great phot and haiku.
    have a nice day

  5. @Princesa Fiona,

    Thanks a lot! :) I know I don't have enough knowledge in writing haiku, but thank you so much for your nice comment! :)*sigh*blink*blink* lols..

    I'm so happy with your words.:) Hug* *Smile*:)

  6. @ Mara Wildflower,

    Thank you so much for coming! Your comment is really appreciated! Try to make one, I'll love to read it too! :)*hug* smile! :)

  7. @Andy,

    Thanks a lot for for coming!:) Thanks too for sharing me your award! :) Great honor for me! :) God bless you! :)

  8. @Wan,

    LOL.. Thanks a lot! :) Blessed day! :)

  9. @Dana,

    Thank you so much! :) And your Cinquian was really great! :) Have a nice day/evening! :)

  10. ehe this in one form I couldn't do..I'm afraid to try I always say I am used to explaining myself in long sentences..hehehe..nice one ate ;)

    wahhhhh Princess Fiona not a Haiku challenge..huhuhu..

  11. Hello Sagittarian.
    Just stopping by to thank you for claiming your award & to wish you receive many more in the future.
    Thanks for your continuing support.
    All the best,

  12. Great start my friend!
    I too adore Balqis when it comes for poetry!
    I hope see drops by this post ASAP! She'll be glad by your words! :)

  13. Lovely Haiku. The tone of the image is dark but it gives off a positive vibe. May the light in your life shine brighter as the day pass by. Have a good day. ^_^

  14. Ros, this is the first thing I have to say "WoW"! You did it so well, my friend. Even for the very first time, your words flow so beautifully! I'm happy for you. :)

    Secondly, it came as a very pleasant surprise being given the honour when mentioned here. I'm touched, honoured and grateful having a friend like you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kindness you bestowed on me. Knowing you had added another light in my blogosphere. :)

  15. @ ~*Princesa Fiona*~

    Yes, it's so beautiful and you're right, I'm so proud of our friend, Ros. I'm waiting for your Haiku. :))

    *Ros, I hope you don't mind I answered Fiona here. :)

  16. @♥Sie♥,

    Hi sis!:)thanks for coming!:) Ummm... I know you can do much better! :) Try it and it's fun trying new things! :)

    Thanks a lot sis!:) *smile*

  17. @Andy,

    Your welcome Andy! You deserved to be followed because we gain more from you everyday! :) Thanks a lot ! :)

  18. @Aakriti,

    Thanks a lot my friend! :) She's such a great one when it comes to poetry, especially haiku :)I love what I've learned from her :)

    Thanks for coming! :)

  19. @Sui generis Writer,

    Hi Sui, :) Thanks a lot!:)Your word is another inspiration:) Thank you my friend! And i love the story at your post too! :) Am following..:) Smile!:)

  20. @Balqis,

    Thank you so much for liking it,:) I really owe this from you, you know that, right? I don't know how to make one, but because of you I've learned and so happy,:) Yes!!:) And I'm so proud and grateful to have you as one of my dearest friend here,.

    thank you so much!:) *hug and kisses* Keep on smiling*

  21. @Balqis,

    Oh... LOLs..:)) Ofcourse, no problem!:) I love Princesa Fiona too! :) And having you both is really a great and precious gift from God :)

    Have a wonderful evening to all of you! :)

  22. Lovely and profound...So much of depth in it!

  23. @Saru,

    Thanks a lot Saru! :) Have a wonderful day !:)*smile*

  24. You did a great job. It's amazing how only a few words can have so much meaning.

  25. @Missy,

    Thanks a lot Missy! :)Blessed day to you! :)

  26. I never heard of a Haiku, but I just Google'd it -- very nice! (: I love the photo you chose for this, and the little poem thingy carries a lot of emotion within it; simply beautiful.

  27. @Cloe,

    Hi! :) Thanks for dropping by! :) Haiku is a form of poet, in a simple way, expressing emotion in few words:)Hope you like it:)

    Have a nice day sweety! :)

  28. Beautifully done!
    Your first haiku, wonderful!
    I love haiku but it's not my forte!

    Wishing you a joyful day!

    Margie x

  29. @Margie,

    Hi! :) Thanks for dropping by! :) It's just my first time to write haiku, and I need more and more practice!lols..:) Love seeing you around! :) *smile*:)

  30. You are such a sweetheart, Sagittarian! I absolutely adore you! ♥! ♥! ♥!

    P.S. ~ If you change your commenting preference to 'posts embedded below' comment list, Blogger has a great new and easy way to respond to comments! Check it out at my blog, in case you haven't seen it yet :)

    DearBalqis ~ I'm too tangled up in Cinquain he he!

    1. Yeheyy!!:) I got it!! :))*hug* muaaahhhhh!! Thanks a lot! :) You're an angel Princesa Fiona!:) *blink*blink* Smile:)

    2. Woo hoo!!! You go girl! LoL! Aww, so sweet about the 'Angel'~ thanks! Funny thing is, several people have told me this in the last week ~ soon I'll be sprouting wings lol! You're so welcome, sweetie! ♥ Muahhz!

    3. LOLS.. I would love to see your sprouting wings then!!!:)) muaaahh!:) Thanks again Princesa Fiona!:) *Hug for you*

  31. @~*Princesa Fiona*~,

    Hi Princesa Fiona! Thank you so much for sharing me about how can I response easily to comment! I would love to try it!:)*smile*

  32. This first haiku of yours is beautiful Sis... oh I am sorry I am a bit late here but I wont let hectic sched hinder me to have a glimpse here! Good start Sis! There must be always the sight of a rainbow after a strong rained! Hope, is always there to give us light...

  33. @Prime,

    Thanks a lot my younger bro! :) I know you're too busy, but I'm so happy to see you here now! :) Hope you're just fine too! :)

    God bless Prime! :) *smile*


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