Friday, November 18, 2011

Priceless Gift From Thousand Miles

 I had a gift a priceless gift
From thousand miles
 It reaches me  here
With  heart on it
 I can't tell  how much
 All I know is
I'm so lucky with this
What gift is more special
With what I have now?
Maybe this is nothing
Compared to those you have
You know what is it?
It's not  inside the box
But it's outside of it
The  sweetest gift I got..

 The hand written from a thousand mile is here..


  1. Now that sweetie, is the most awesome gift ever, no matter how far, i know it came from the heart.

  2. That's really a priceless gift and very meaningful when it comes from thousand miles away. Congrats for receiving it! :)

  3. an I LOve You note..priceless..whatever it is..when it comes to someone you love then it becomes so precious ;)

  4. oh typo error from someone you love hehehe..

  5. Hi Berlina,

    Thanks for passing by:) Great evening to you!

  6. Hi Balqis,

    Thank you so much:)It's really a priceless one! Blessed evening!

  7. Hi Sie,

    Yeah a simple note but it's hand written from someone who is far thousand miles,hahaha korni ba??? I love it Sis!:) Great evening!

  8. Words will be less for your lovely poem...
    Great !!!

  9. @Shahin, thank you so much for sharing nice word, I really aprreciate it much.:)

    Have a great day!

  10. Just by seeing this pic, I felt something deep inside my touching ! :)
    Its priceless indeed !

  11. @Kitty,

    Thank you so much..:) It's really a priceless gift for me.:) And your presence is another gift for me too!

    Thanks as always Kitty, have a blessed evening!:)

  12. @Samrat,

    Hi..:) Thanks for dropping by!:) Have a great evening!:)

  13. Hi Ana,

    Thanks a lot for dropping by!:) Have a great time!:)

  14. Every little is carefully written by heart Sis! And the song, very touching for someone who loves in distance, but want counts is, the heartbeats are felt miles away! I am so happy for you my friend!

  15. hi sagittarian, congrats for getting such a priceless gift from someone,after this sweet happening, is now regarded as special to you already-
    From a thousand miles away is very sentimental indeed..

  16. Hi Prime,

    Thanks for that nakaka intrigang comment! joke.. Happy to hear that from you! Great evening!:)

  17. Such wonderful gift and a wonderful poem.....Keep Smiling!!!

  18. @Hisila,

    Thank you so much for dropping by.:) Wonderful day ahead for you!:)

  19. Hey Sagittarian! I'm trying to figure out which blog you spend the most time on and which one I should comment on. LOL! I totally agree with your other commenter. The sentence "I Love You" can be the most precious gift anyone can ever receive as long as it is meant with the whole heart and not just said out of habit. I've had both. Enjoy the Love. I be upset because I got confused, (that's a common state of mind for me! LOL! You can ask my husband! LOL! I'm glad that you did realize the "weights" I was talking about, because other than for health reasons, I don't think God cares about our size. Personally, I think that some of the "weights" people carry (burdens, bad habits and so on)can weigh a person down much more and do more damage than any amount of pounds, don't you? Well, we are having Revival at church tonight, so I guess I'd better close and head out the door. God Bless and Keep you,


  20. Hi Pj,

    Thanks for dropping by:) Happy to hear from you again, my apology for getting confused about my blog too,lols.. This is my site, I have 3 blog here and other site from my friend where I used to stay and visit regularly, you can visit always:) Thanks a lot for sharing nice word, it's true when this word of i love you is coming from deepest and purest heart is really a priceless gift.:)

    Wonderful time in blogging! Blessed day Pj.:)

  21. The most beautiful, priceless gift indeed! There is also something else that is priceless ... the recipient who cherishes what lies outside of the box as opposed to what lies inside of it. This is you! :)

    I've always LOVED this song! This is such a sweet and touching post.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and leave such a lovely comment! I'm blessed to have you as my new reader and I look forward to discovering more about you :)

    Best Wishes,

  22. @Lady*♥*Fiona,

    Thank you so much for coming and drop comment too.:) Your presence is really a great honor for me. And your nice word makes me happier indeed.:) Hope to see you always around too:)

    Have a wonderful day/evening:)

  23. Hahahaha, I am a bit serious here my friend Sis Dang, but your comment makes me laugh! Thumbs up! LOL

  24. QPrime,

    Im a BIT serious too kuya!:)) Im just happy about what you said, that's why I wrote nakaka-intriga.:)lols..She's far too that's why I know how you feel about my post.:) O ayan, kilig naman ngayon:)) Thanks anyway!:))


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