Sunday, October 9, 2011



Do I need a tear drop like this?
Or do I need to cry it all out loud?
Can't you see I'm having pain in here?
What word do I need to tell you first?
Just to bear with me and never hide from me..

Is this the only thing  I need to survive? 
Tell me what do I need most? I've been totally exhausted
I don't know where and what else do I need to cope all of this thing
I know I needed something else more than this
But tell me please.. What is it?

You are right.. I need to do one thing today..
And this is what I need to overcome all what I have inside now
REPENT where it should begin, remember all the good things you did for me
And not just the pain and sorrow that I have now
But what important is YOU ARE HERE TO REMIND ME ALL..


  1. touching post sis..these questions usually comes to my mind most specially when I fail myself..but we should also be reminded..failures doesn't determine who we are :)..

    those tears will surely pass..and one day it will just be a reminder of our past :)

    *passing by Rosalinda with ♥hugs♥

  2. Hi Friend! Miss you!:) Right sis, failures can't tell what will happen for tomorrow, what matters most is we know where to start after that failure..

    Thanks a lot sis!:)Have a nice day!

  3. All the pain expressed in this single line...Is this the only thing I need to survive?

    So touching !

  4. Hi Kitty! Thanks for sharing comment, Take care friend!:)

  5. This was very beautiful, I love your writing.

  6. Oh! It's so sad. The pain could be felt even just reading it. But you're a very strong person who can go through rough roads. Wish I could lift off some burdens from your shoulders.

  7. Hi Anna! Thanks for dropping by:) And I love your writing too!

    Have a nice day!:)

  8. Hi Balqis!:) Your always being here is a big reward for me!:) And your friendship is one of the most valuable thing that I have and makes me happy and feel good:)

    Thanks as always friend!:) Have a great day!

  9. The second Stanza was so touching.....its not only the primary necessities of life that we need to be happy....sometimes there are many more things like love, care, affections, understanding among one other, etc which one desperately need to make his mind and soul truly happy...
    Great work. i found the concept of using images to write extract words very creative and fresh.
    Keep going.....:)

  10. Hi Aakriti, thanks for passing by and sharing comment too.:) Happy to hear that it touches your heart too..:)

    Not only primary necessities can make us survive, what matters most are those words from HIM..

    God bless friend! :) Have a wonderful day ahead!

  11. hi sagtittarian, i do not know what to say in the best of words, but just to let you know that it saddens me when i read your words.
    take care

  12. Hi CV! Thanks for always dropping by:) I'm happy to see and hear from you! Thanks a lot for your extra care too!:)

    Have a great day!:)

  13. wow, I mean, are you a poet too? Every word bears the inexpressible pain and unspoken love lying dormant in the heart of yours. As I wrote to you earlier , I'm not that good with words'. What I can say at the most about this writing is- you made the clock of my heart go berserk. Have a great day.

  14. Hi Sam! Hmm... I'm not a poet,..lols!
    Sometimes without knowing you are being a poet too, because your heart and mind wants it for you that time/day..:)

    Thanks a lot friend!:) Have a great day!

  15. Hi there! ⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺,

    Thanks for sharing your time to read and comment..:)Sometimes our mind and heart wants to share sad moments to awake and give us inspiration to keep on going..:) Have a great day! :)


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