Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank You.. For All Of This..

Like a flower , showered with your blessings, rain or shine keep me blooming..You made me grow in the middle of everything, my petals will fall soon, I may leave this world too, and  there are new flowers will bloom after me but the essence of being one of your flower, will be forever.. Thank you for giving me time to look at the sky and feel your love..

              My Lord thank you for making me special..


  1. a nice way to start my morning sis..stormy morning hehehe..and lights off..brown out ;(

    Yes we are created special sis and like a flower we all grow and mature..one day we will join our Creator but we will leave a legacy..our children and those lovely memories with our love ones :)

  2. Hi! Stormy morning too sis!..:) Thank you for taking my blog with your breakfast today!..:)

    You are right friend, soon we will leave this world but those lovely memories will remain with our love ones.. Thanks!..:)

  3. hi sagittarian, that is such a beautiful white chrysentemum (small type)? flower. or it is a daisy? great poem, sad to leave and sad to be left too.. but that is life
    have a nice day

  4. Hi CV!..:) It's a daisy,..thank you for dropping by..:) Right, this is life, we need to go and let the other to rise too.. But what important is, God gave us time to experience life and to show how great He is,.

    Have a wonderful day to friend!..:)

  5. Very touching! Loved it. :)

    "there are new flowers will bloom after me but the essence of being one of your flower, will be forever.." - This could make me cry!

  6. Thanks my friend Balqis..:) Am happy to hear that you loved it, because this post was coming from my heart..

    Have a wonderful day friend!.:)

  7. hello sis ok test natin..hehehe..looks like it is on the network sis..try ko ha..

  8. Hi!.. It seems ikaw lang ang allowed friend to post!..:) lols..

    Thank you so much!.:)


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