Friday, October 28, 2011

just thinking..


Where will I find 
Missing pieces of my life
I'm incomplete totally unsatisfied.
Longing for something that I don't understand
But one thing is so sure, this will make me whole..

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  1. In our life, there's a missing part somewhere out of the whole. When it isn't fulfilling, we learn to appreciate and feel the longing. This makes life complete and meaningful because we go through various stages of emotions and experiences.

    A beautiful poem! Loved it. :)

  2. Thanks Balqis, for this wonderful words from you..:) Have a great day!

  3. Each and every human being requires love in their lives. Some accept it verbally, and some don't. Even the most fierce and savage carnivores also tend to forget their inborn instict with the simple touch of unselfish love. You've beautifully brought out the longing and the sniveling of a lovelorn loner in a short and simple manner, touching the heart of your readers. Very nice.

  4. Hi Sam, thank you so much for your nice and kind word, I really appreciate your sharing Sam :) Thank you ..:)

    Have a great day! :)

  5. Life I should say is a never ending process..and on each process we tend to feel that there is something missing..I have always struggled on finding my missing piece..I was always searching for answers on my every really made me tired on searching for that missing piece..

    But now I am whole..I have found my missing piece..yes quiet angel is there and my kids that gave me true happiness BUT my true Missing Piece is Contentment of who and what I have now. We will always be finding for our missing piece on every step of our lives if we won't learn to be contented of what we have now.

    I know the answers to my prayers are coming..and finally the puzzle of my life would be completed ;)

    awoooooo..happy halloween ;0

  6. Hi sie, how are you???? Yeah, I agree on you contentment in everything will and can make us whole. Finding pieces in life is always there if we don't know how be contented, we must learn how to appreciate, accept,love and be contented this can make us complete in so many ways..

    Thanks a lot sis! :) Happy Halloween too! :)

  7. hi sagittarian, sometimes we dont even know what we are missing, only after it happens, we then realised and say-- oh ya, this is what i actually want, that has been missing all this while... and all the time i was thinking i missed something else and yearn for the wrong thing..
    life is full of mysterious things..

  8. Hi there Ms Wan! :) Really life is so mysterious, there's always missing part even if sometimes you feel you are already complete but still longing for something and that's part of our mysterious life.

    Thanks a lot Ms Wan.:) Happy hallooween!

  9. hi sagittarian, how are you doing, thanks for your visit, i came back cos you said to come over for a gift..just to let you know i was here..have a nice day

  10. Hi Ms Wan!:) muaaaahhh.. Thanks for dropping by! Yes I have something for you.. Check it on my other blog,

    I love seeing you around Ms Wan..:)

  11. I'm searching for something missing, Something, like a puzzle, that will complete my life. Thanks, Sagittarian, like chocolate, I always love your posts :)

  12. Hi Lizzy! :) Thanks a lot friend! :)Your sharing is a great honor for me..:)

    Have a wonderful day!:)

  13. hi sagittarian, this is actually my 3rd visit to your blog heh heh
    have a nice day dear. take care

  14. Hi Wan! :) I love seeing you always around!:) Thanks a lot for keep coming:) Have a great time too:)

  15. something is always missing in life


    This is life

    Beautiful poem.

  16. Hi ♥●• İzdiher •●♥

    Thank you so much! :)

  17. I have been searching my self what's missing in my life also. It is like you know that there's an empty space in your heart yet you cannot discern what is it. Did you made all this poem?

  18. Hi Jeffrey,

    Thanks for sharing insight,:)Yes, I made this poem, hope you like it:) Happy to meet new friends here, hope to see you always!:)

    Have a wonderful time in blogging!:)


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