Sunday, October 16, 2011


 Aren't they lovely to see?
Being together with someone you love

Sharing  happy moments and laughing together,
the best and the happiest feeling that lovers must have.. 
i love you


  1. The love towards friends can also be expressed with "I love you". Indeed, it's also the wonderful words that bind lovers. A universal expression, too. :)

  2. Right Balqis!.. A word that bind lovers and real friends too..:)

    A word that can heal especially wounded heart..:) Thanks Balqis..:)

  3. weeeeee..yes it is a nice feeling being with someone you love and someone who loves you back..praying that it will last forever :)

  4. Yes Sie, especially with the one who loves you too..:)Thanks friend!

    Have a g great Saturday!:)

  5. Hi, 'Love' , in its purest form , is a feeling of heart that is probably the most amazing gift of the almighty not only for the mankind but also for the entire animal world, which helps all of us stay together . The cause of all our grief and suffering originates right from the sheer, increasing absence of it that creates a vacuum swiftly occupied by jealousy and mischief in our day to day life of today. The sooner we understand it, the better. I appreciate your attempt to awaken our sleeping souls and make us face this reality.keeping in view of the fact that I am not that good with words, this is all I can say for this post of yours. Have a nice and wonderful day.

  6. 'Love' itself is a word anyone can fall for :)

    Lovely post ! :)

  7. Hi there♥●• İzdiher •●♥ ! Thanks for sharing comment! :) Have a wonderful day!

  8. Hi Sam! :) Thank you so much for this wonderful and inspiring comment you've shared.:)The four letter word that God given us is the most special gift, love takes it all..

    Sam your word/comment is full of meaning that touches one heart, it gives us another inspiration to hold on tight and believe that love can move even the mountain. You describe it well friend, you are indeed a good writer and a poet friend..:)

    Again, I really appreciate your sharing..:)Have a wonderful day too Sam! :)

  9. Hi Kitty!.. Yes the word itself..:) And I'd love to fall again on that word..:)LOLs..:)

    Thank you Kitty..:) Have a great time!:)

  10. hi sagittarian, only people who are in love can write about love over and over... and the words and ideas never stops, like you... hey you must be in love huh.
    have a nice day

  11. Hi there CV! Thank you for coming! :)I'd love to be in love! Lols..and inspiration comes when you feel love..:) Sharp thinking Ms Wan!..:) You knew it? lols! :)

    Thanks for sharing! Blessed Monday! :)

  12. hi sagittarian, true love is meaningful and healthy.
    it keeps you young

  13. Hi Ms Wan! That's true love is healthy feeling that comes from within..:) Thanks a lot! :)


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