Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do You Believe In Magic?

Do you believe in what they call magic?
How do you like this magic works for you?
  Would you grab it even if it was unsure what will it takes to you?
Sometimes living in a world of magic is good. 
It gives us extra inspiration to believe that everything is possible to make
With just one wish of magical word or spell.
But it's  not only by wish, we need to work harder and take care of  it too
To keep it blooming and make it grow..


  1. I do believe in magic is magical BUT it can fade and a fairytale can end if we don't learn to keep it :0

  2. Hi Sie! I do believe in magic too, and you are right it can fade away too, but the memories from it won't easily fade..

    Have a wonderful evening!:)Hug and kisses to your cuties..:)

  3. Yeah, I do believe in magic !
    I would like to mention Susanna Clarke's quote " A piece of writing is like a piece of magic. You create something out of nothing."
    logic only gives our needs but magic gives what we want ! have a magical day ! :)

  4. Hi Kitty! :) Right, magic can gives what we want.. And I believe on that too! thank you so much for sharing Kitty! :)Have a nice day! :)

  5. hi sagittarian, oh my all the while i thought you are still single, with all those love poems you wrote :)
    until you mention your kids, in my comment box today..
    why ? because your love poems and write ups are so good, that i thought you are still a single girl in love with some guy ..ha ha have a nice day

  6. Hi Ms Wan!:)Thanks for coming!:) Yes I am in love all the time!:) lols..

    My kids are my inspiration, that's why!:) Love your coming! Brighten my night!:)lols.. hug and kisses!:)

  7. Some magic happens when we least expect. It's good that it happens cos it makes our lives wonderful!

  8. Hi Balqis! Yap,magic can give us those we can't afford in real, and it gives us happiness even if it's just in our mind..:) Thanks a lot friend..:)

  9. ♪♫♪♫ you got to believe in magic, tell me how two people find each other in a world that's full of bloggers (oooops..i mean strangers, hihi)..♫♪♫

    i'm not sure what kind of magic you defined, if it speaks of love, well, then magic means destiny. If it refers to faith, i call it miracle. If done by a magician, it's a trick.
    I believe all that i've mentioned :)

    special request ulit..pkimove po..hihihi

  10. Hi!:)) No problem po, I'll move it upward!:) Thanks beany for coming again kahit cigurado kinulit ka ulit! lols

    Right, here full of bloggers, how did you find each other??? It's a magic! No no...It's your love find a way and it's in here at hehe.

    I'll stay tuned, so I know when is the "tana na nan"..., so.. Mr Q.A, can you please lend me your hear phone so I can hear my honey too..? lols...Joke!

    Thanks again po..:)


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