Tuesday, February 28, 2012

~Love Is Ethereal...



I wish you could ever realize.......

I wish  you could ever realize
How it felt  when you said,
You didn't love me anymore.
It was as if thousands of arrows pierced my chest,
And my heart broke the way a mirror would,
When dashed  to the ground .
The world appeared to enter
The abysmal absence of light and vitality.

I wish you could ever know,
How I, staring at the ceiling, kept awake,
night after night, thinking of you
Even long after you had gone away .

I wish you could ever know,
How I , burying my head into the side pillow,
kept sobbing through the night,
Thinking about you.

I wish you could ever know
How you, when I fell asleep,
Appeared in my dreams,
Only to scold me for loving you.

Tears roll down my cheeks
As I remember how we sat in the garden,
hand in hand, silent.
Amidst the chirping of birds,
Frequent shouting of children,
And humming of casual visitors around,
We were lost in our mute colloquy,
As silence became more vocal than speech.

I wish you could ever realize
How much this silence made me feel complete,
With the feeling of togetherness !
And how much I wished time to stop there,
Till eternity.

I wish you could ever realize
A broken heart never causes death,
It makes life far worse;
As it converts life into the ugliest nightmare,
The every millisecond of which
One has to live,
Wide awake,
In extreme agony and ache.
This poem was owned and made by one of my dearest friend from here.One whom I always trust, a shoulder and ear who's always here when I needed one. A person who only wants to share and give inspirations through his writing. A friend you can call and a guy who's heart is pure in everything he does.  A simple, down to earth guy and a bit emotional and always like honesty in people around him. He loves writing as it gives him space to express his feelings and several observations in a better way. I would like you to meet my ever dearest friend
I am inviting you all to visit his blog and see how his heart flow
in every poem he wrote.

Thank you Sam for being such a great friend to me, from day one until now..:)


  1. The name of the blog sounded familiar so I clicked the link and I recall loving the poetry there. I already follow the blog but have been waiting for an update for a long time :-)

    This poem is lovely ~ thanks for sharing it here :-) x0x

    1. Hi Princesa Fiona..:) Sam was a very good friend of mine from here, and i also love his poetry.:) That's why I asked him if I can post one of his poem here and I'm so happy that he allows me.

      Thank you so much Princesa Fiona..:) Blessed day to you..:)

  2. Such agony and pain I could feel as I read this poem. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Mara..:) That word was felt here too..:) Thanks for visiting..:)Hug and kisses..:)

  3. Your friend is very talented. This is a beautiful poem and written very well.

    1. Your right Jax, he is very talented and blessed with a good heart.:) Thanks for sharing comment..:)Blessed day to you!:)

  4. Replies
    1. Hi there Saru!:) thanks for coming..:) Hug and kisses..:)

  5. Hi, Dang, um... I feel so overwhelmed.....I feel like... my throat is chocked with sudden surge of emotions as the waves of the sea of feelings are thrusting the wall of my heart and waiting impatiently to gush out at the slightest inkling of my mind in the form of tears. I know not what to say.... just.... thank you so much for your so many sweet words. It is your affectionate and generous heart that makes you so different and special . Thank You Ever So Much.

    1. Hmmmm, Sam...:) Thanks for allowing me to have your poem here..:) You know how much I love your poem right? And all what you've read here are coming from my heart,. We can make friends anywhere but to find a great and true friend is not that easy.. And I'm lucky to find you here, thank you so much..:) God bless..:)

  6. So beautiful and deep, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Kate..:) Thanks for visiting..:) God bless..:)

  7. Such a tear jerker. :`(
    A sweetly sour poem with deep emotional vitality.
    Best wishes to you and your friend!

    1. Thanks a bunch Sui..:) He's such a tear jerker!hahaha.. But with sweet heart..:) Thanks for coming..:) Blessed evening..:)

  8. Hi linda, this is such a beautifully written poem.
    My compliments to your friend Sam.
    Linda, here's my reply to ease the intense pain.

    As silence became more vocal than speech
    Where one has to live wide awake
    In extreme agony and ache
    Wipe the dust let the pain go
    Let the sunshine burn away her sorrow
    The moonlight shines with love on her path
    A new day, leaving no regrets and forget the past
    And in times of feeling cold
    Like having dark shadows
    Go protect her body and soul
    Wear the veils of silk and gold

    thanks a million for your visit,
    your comments simply great !

    1. Oh, you're great Wan..:) thanks for this piece from you..:)You're such a sweet friend too..:) God bless you Wan..:)

  9. This is so touching...so heart felt...almost cried after reading this....Awesome!!
    Just a request...Can I post this poem on my facebook page...I will specify your name and link back to your blog :)

    1. Hi Vali, thank you so much for visiting and sharing such a lovely comment on my friends poem..:) I would love it, but I would suggest you to visit his site please and only him can grant your request my dear..;) Because he owned the poem, but will ask him ok? Thank you...:) Muaaahhhh!!:)

  10. Replies
    1. Hi,:) Your welcome Vali..:) Muaaahhh!!:) Keep smiling..:)

  11. My dear Sagittarian,
    This poem is so heartbreaking, I feel as if I want to cry.
    Thank you for being a dear friend & sharing it. When I get a chance, I'll go visit Samratrudro.

    1. Thanks a bunch Andy!:) This poem was heartbreaking, especially if your heart is devoted in love.. Thanks for sharing.. yeah hope to see you too with Sam's blog soon..:) God bless us always..:)


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