Tuesday, February 14, 2012

~So Much Love ..

bind us
made us one.
Together we share
happiness in the midst of life.
Flying so high in the sky, like a twin butterfly 
souls are floating, overjoyed and intoxicated, cuddling like no one is around
heart evolved us one, ecstatic emotions arrived
holding hands until rain has fall.
Stronger wind can't blow
love's unfold
 and keep

How many times you've told me to be strong? How many times you've kept me with your arms?
You made me feel love and be loved, I owe it all to you..

So much love
especially this valentine..

Hope you enjoy this song, dedicated to all lovers and couples who are celebrating their Valentine's day and to all those who always celebrates love  everyday..


This is another inspiration from our very own 
Princess Fiona @ The Princess Passions
A lady with a pure heart in sharing, an icon and Queen of poetry.   I don't want to miss her last challenge as what she told us.  I've learned a lot from  her, not only in poetry but building friendship as well, she's one of those few that you can't find easily. It's a great honor  to be one of her friend and follower. May God continue to bless your heart and your soul Princesa Fiona, I know I can't repay your kindness but hopefully in my simple way I can send you my humble  thanks.
 Happy Valentine ..

Images credit: google.com


  1. This is a very amorous piece of poetry. Have a lovely day! ~♥~

    1. Thanks a lot Sui...:) Hope you had a wonderful V-day!!:) Smile..:)

  2. Love is such a passionate feeling, and you have so beautifully inscribed your heart touching words to express the lovely emotions we experience in Love. Happy Valentines Day to you!

    1. Thank you Elvirah for sharing a lovely comment. Happy V_day to you dear!:) Smile..:)

  3. What a beautiful poem and the song is just perfect, one of my favorite all time songs!

    1. Thanks a bunch Lisa! I love the song too! Happy Valentine!:)

  4. What can I say? Its another beautiful poem sis! I loved it....Love is in the air right now...

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Keep Smiling :)
    Loads of Love..!!

    1. Thank you Hisila..:) Muaahh!! You're such a sweet friend..:) Love is in the air!! LOL.. Keep smiling too!:)

  5. =) very sweet xxx I like the photo too!

    1. Hi Dana!:) Thanks for liking it! :) Hope you had a wonderful V-day!:)

  6. hi linda- very beautiful poem and butterflies.. love is in the air....
    happy valentine's day to you dear and have a nice day

    1. Thank you so much Wan! :) Hope you had a great Valentine's day too!:) Muaaahhh!! :)

  7. Ohh, WoW! What a beautiful Valentine's post and bravo! You are the first one to post a creation from my final challenge! You did a great job and not just on this one. You've been there since the beginning and not just as one of my readers, but one of my sweetest friends too ♥ Your 'thank you' here to me has touched my heart immensely and I thank you for that, my dear Sagittarian *hugs*!

    You have selected one of my favorite songs of all time! I love the image and it's one that I happen to have in my files. It's so beautiful ... one that inspires poetry. I thought of composing a poem from this image somewhere down my poetic road, but now I see that the perfect one has already been created, right here, in your beautiful 'space'!

    Thank you SO much!
    Hope you had a beautiful V~day!
    Much Love from me to you {|:-) ~x0x~

  8. Thank you again Princesa Fiona..:) I've learned a lot especially in writing poetry because of you. I know I'm not good in poetry, but I love trying it and I love the feeling of learning new things especially from you.

    About the image, I find it lovely so I used it, but don't know that you already have it at your file. I'm sorry Princesa Fiona,I would love it if you can create another great poetry out of this image to show the true meaning of it..:)

    Hope you're having a lovely and wonderful Valentines day too Pincesa Fiona..:)

    You're such a great friend and good example for all of us here. God bless you Princesa Fiona..:) Hug and kisses..:) Muaahh! Keep smiling..:)

  9. Hello Sagittarian.
    What a lovely Valentine's dedication and post.
    I've not heard the song before...very nice.

    Valentine's is only for one day. My love flows 24/7/365(6) and everyday is Valentine's for me (smile).
    Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks also for following in Linky Followers. I'm following you too! <3

    A Cheerful Glance

    1. Hi Andy! Thanks a lot!:) That's so sweet 24/7/365(6)... hmmmmmm, :) Smile..:)


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