Thursday, March 1, 2012

~Four Letter Word...

Alone in empty room
mind was flying without bloom.
Heart was totally at gloom,
because four letter word was at doom.

 Life sometimes is so unfair
for those in love who's fair.
This four letter word was in despair
still waiting for you to be my pair.

Tears begun to show
and patience was very low.
But heart protect word in anyhow,
wishing to take each others vow.

Four letter word 'LOVE' was fall
only to you I'll give it all.
Because 'LOVE' for me has no wall
for those who's 'LOVE' was not appall.


Four letter word 'LOVE'
must be shared with no regrets,
only God Knows best ..

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  1. Hey Sagittarian , very touching post, nice poem, =)

  2. hi linda, that's funny, when did you see my tag game? i did have in DRAFT, not published yet.. funny, a soul from the desert must have shown it to you in your dream..
    Sunrise and a new day breaking through
    A morning of another day without you
    And as the sea rolls by
    No one there to see me cry
    Every morning I look at the sky above
    And I said.. Oh how I need his love
    have a nice day

    1. Hi there Wan..:) Muaaahh!!! :) I love your comment.. It's amazing rhyming poem too!:) God bless..:) Keep smiling..:)

  3. Beautiful poem about plain human love, Linda!!

    It awakes reminiscences of the walk than brings real LOVE, the one that gives and never takes, or even asks!

    We have lost the track of that highly termed LOVE, in our indigence we could only have that feeling of "need", of pain when we lose a love, and that "loss" develops in anxiety for the "one" who is "away", and not "mine" anymore; even if that one never was "near" nor was "ours"!

    We inherited Romanticism to replace Charity and, we lost in the interchange!
    But that lost can make us better persons if we know how to pour this romantic feeling into the inner pocket of our spirit!

    Thank you for giving me this moment to widening the soul!

    1. Hi untony..:) thank you so much for your wonderful comments.:) It's true that lost can make us better person if we knew how to pour romantic feelings into the inner pocket of spirit as you said.., I would love to take lost into better and not into a bitter one.:)

      Thank you so much for sharing..:)

  4. this is awesome

    I LOVE your poem!

    let spread the LOVE <3 <3

    1. Hi Maxlone,:) Muaaahhh! Thank you so much for visiting..:)

  5. I love this rhyming poem Sagittarian. It is an emotional poem. The way you wrote it made it such an enjoyable read.

    Joys to you! :)

    1. Thanks a lot Sui..:) Your comment made me feel good..:) Thanks to you..:) Keep smiling..:)

  6. Replies
    1. Hi sweety..:) Oh, sad...:( I can relate sweety,.. Hugs to you.. hope everything's fine soon..:)

  7. Hi, Fantastic poetry. Fantastic because, 'Love', the most beautiful part of human sensitivity that can take you in its purest and most unselfish form to the ultimate truth of the universe i.e God almighty, is a feeling that goes beyond the realm of literature to register its serenity,solemnity and greatness. Any work of literature, however great it may seem, can not bring even the half of it's original purity and the feeling. Hence any attempt of any writer or poet, however great, keeping in view of their limited human resources, to describe 'Love' is indeed praiseworthy and Fantastic.

    1. Hi Sam, thanks a bunch!:) Your right, 'LOVE' is the most beautiful part of human sensitivity.:) It was from our God almighty, anything goes with the word love must be from ones purest heart to be able to understand the true meaning of this four letter word, because only GOD can tell us what's best for all of us. Let's all leave it to HIS hands.

      Thanks a lot friend..:)

  8. My dear Sagittarian,
    Love first began with God. It is through his son we have life. That is why, for me, love is my's what I live by & live for. Love is who I am.
    You expressed this beautifully.
    Thanks for sharing. Thanks also for your loyalty & support. Even if I don't visit often, which sometimes happens due to my hectic workload, I know I can always count on you to leave me a little something (smile). Keep on sharing the love, my friend & I'll do the same. Have a great weekend, my dear.

    P.S. Don't forget to update your bookmarks with my new blog address:
    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

    1. Hi Andy, thank you too..:) Thanks for your kind words too, I love to live with that four letter word too and spend the rest of my life with it.:)

      Thank you so much!:)

  9. This is absolutely beautiful! I see hope, love and more in here, it's deep!

    1. Hello Miss Lego!!:) Thanks for visiting!! Love to hear from you again!!:) muaaahh..:) Blessed day!:)

  10. Hi linda, I have got you tagged, good morning…ok you are allowed to change it to beauty tip or anything you feel like adding. Ha ha.. better change than give me a messy tip. Looking forward to your tag..when ready , msg me by the wind, I go immediately to read your tag… love to get to know you better . have a great Sunday… hugs and hugs like your sense humor-

    1. Hi Wan!>>:) muaaahhh!! would I say, thank you or why oh why me???? hahahah, joke..:) I was tagged by other friends from here too, and when I am ready to answer all, I will let you know..hehehe.. Muaaaaaahhh!!! happy Sunday..:)

  11. hi linda, how are you? i think you better not do the tag thing.. everybody read what we sometimes dont want non close blogger friends to know about ourselves.
    I wont delete your name..just leave it there, but no need 4u to answer ok. Next time, i also dont want to respond. thanks dear and good night

    1. Hi Wan,:) Muaaahhh!! It's an honor to receive tag from friends,:) And I would love to share my answers too,but I don't have anything special to share,hahaha.. because I've shared it already,hahaha,:) What you see in my writing or the way I talk is the simple me..:)It's me the pretty and jolly friend of yours!hahahaha.. I'm just kidding..:) Don't worry about me, am ok..:)Alright? And when I'm done, I will post it here..:) Muaaaaaahhhhh!!:)


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