Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You First Believed

                   It's been a long time since we meet                   
through this world of internet
I must not believe  you
'coz you're a

 Times go by still you were there
 to show and make me believe
That you're different
Unlike others

I don't want  to believe
    that someone like you
   stranger from here
can make me

"If it was from here, it's not for real"
 this is how we thought,
 people here before,
   changes came 
when you believe in


LOVE can change ones MIND
...There's No Stranger When Heart Believes In Love...

Image Credit: glitterfy.com


  1. Ros, there's always an insecure feeling the first time meeting a stranger and that is a good sign that we do care about ourselves. But if it's fated to bloom into love, it changes into a different story when that stranger proves that he isn't just a stranger. Love is a very magical word. The impossible becomes possible because of love. No matter where we are, I believe in fate which binds two hearts together, Wishing you both the best in life!

  2. Tambayan ko na to eh, since andito ang 'You Raise Me UP!' yes, really help me Sis, and now, love thing, wow! This is true, but how hard it is to keep a virtual relationship? Without trust, the chain of love will be eaten by rust until it disappears, a sad story in the end. :( my optimism sometimes outnumbered by negative elements, but I am always striving :)

  3. Sometimes we are the one who make this difficult, about knowing at stranger. I have discovered that is not as bad as we all are told. It's nice to be adventures from time to time but of course, we have to be careful.

  4. Hello Dear :)

    Please excuse my absence here. For some unknown reason many of the new blogs I joined recently are not showing up in my reader :( I'm wondering why so many are quiet lol!

    I had to join your site again so now there are two of me (picture wise) and I just wanted you to know I don't have a twin sister ha ha! :D

    I certainly could write a book on this topic of internet relationships. Online friendships can be some of the most rewarding alliances in our lives but it can also create much fear. Our hearts want to trust while are heads are there whispering, 'be careful' :)

    "LOVE can change ones MIND...There's No Stranger When Heart Believes In Love... "

    Beautifully penned! :) *hugs*

  5. Hi Balqis,

    You're right, I do believe in fate too:) Giving trust to strangers is not easy, but like what you said, when this stranger proved that he/she is worth for your trust, that's a blessings to count, because you found someone that is really hard to find especially in this world of internet alone, wherein the distance is usually the hindrance.

    Thanks a lot Balqis!:) Good morning to you!:)

  6. Hi Prime,

    Yeah I know your favorite song was here!:) Prime, relationship without trust will not going to work, even if we wanted too. But,sometimes there are reason why she/he is aloof of showing trust,we just need to understand them, show them that we are worth for their trust. Don't give up easily Kuya, don't let optimism turns to pessimism.

    Have a great day!:)

  7. Hi Miss Lego,

    Thanks for sharing, you said it right the problem is we always think negative about meeting strangers and I admit, that was me before, it's because of wrong thoughts. But after what I've experience I am not afraid anymore, but like what you said be careful :)

    Thanks a lot Miss Lego! Have a wonderful day ahead!:)

  8. Hi Lady Fiona,

    Thanks for passing by and dropping comment, it's a great honor to have you here now Miss Fiona, never mind the late or absent issue, what important is you remember me,lols..

    About having two pictures here, actually I will ask another one from you again Lady Fiona!:)I love seeing you around, my deepest thanks to you:)

    Writing book about different kind of relationship over the internet would be very interesting and for sure a lot will follow and support you, we are going to wait for that book until it's done:)

    Again, my humble thanks to you Lady Fiona, may God bless you always.. Have a wonderful day ahead!:)

  9. Thank you last night Sis, yes, you are right there, I just need to stay cool and positive all the time, I do stretch my patience you know, and, I guess I understand now, I need to! :) I have to choice LOL

  10. Hi Kuya,

    Your Welcome!:)Thanks too!:)

  11. Hello.
    We started as strangers & have become poetic friends (smile). This is a beautiful poem & I love the ending. Love has many magical powers if we open our hearts & let it in.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I love hearing from you.

    For ref:
    Firebrand Of The Heart

  12. @Andy,

    Hi thank you for always sharing me nice words..:) It's true, we're strangers before and becomes friends because of your inspiring and wonderful poem :) Keep sharing us more Andy, I love your writing..:)

    Thanks as always!:) God bless!:)


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