Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dreams For Tomorrow..

Who doesn't have dream?
Man toils day and night
Doing everything
With all his might
To achieve
What, to him, is right

Just like you,
I have my own dreams
But, I believe with all my heart
My dreams fulfillment
Was all in HIS hands..

                                          This is another part of my new beginning..

Images Credit: (Milla Kara),


  1. Lovely poem, dear :) The image is gorgeous and so fitting to the message of your words! God Bless you on your journey of new beginnings :)

  2. Hi Lady Fiona,

    Thank you for sharing your nice comment Lady Fiona:)My word is not enough to say I'm so thankful, you made me feel good,thanks again.. Have a blessed day too!:)

  3. Dare to dream and it will come true! Lovely poem. Nice to have known a grateful person like you who never fail to see the blessings He gives.

  4. Nice poem and graphics! Thanks for sharing. Everyone needs to dream before making something a reality. Best wishes on your new beginnings.

  5. Hi Balqis,

    Thank you..:) I'm more than happy to meet a friend like you :) It's another blessings from HIM..:) Take care and have a great day!:)

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you my friend:) I'm happy to hear from you again!:) Wonderful day ahead!:)

  7. Hi,
    Nice Poem.... Believing in your own dreams and having faith in God is very important. Hoping to see your another poem soon!!! Keep Smiling!!

  8. Hi Hisila,

    Thank you so much!:) Andy your poem are great too!:) God bless you!:)

  9. Ohh I have tons and tons of dream hoping to become true one day. Honestly, that would be such a blast!

  10. @Miss Lego, Thanks a lot! Hope our dreams come soon!:) God bless!:)

  11. Hi `..,Ate-,..
    `Nice poem., ate:-) Wow.,what can i say? hmmmp?? And i agree with you ate:-)In every dream that we have.. His grace will help us achieve if we have the faith!
    Thank you for inspiring me here ate:-)
    God bless and more power to you...

  12. hi saggittarian, you are like a very beautiful butterfly...
    with such beautiful dreams and full of love.. have a wonderful day

  13. @Eduard,

    Thanks for your ,hmmmmp?? lols:)) I'm happy you like it and it's my pleasure to share my simple writings..:) God bless!:) Happy Sunday!:)

  14. @Wan,

    Thank you so much for that wonderful word!:) God bless you too:) Great Sunday!:)

  15. Hello.
    Wishing you much happiness, laughter, joy and love on your new journey.
    Lovely poem & imagery.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I sincerely appreciate your comments.

    For ref:
    Violins Of Love

  16. @Andy,

    Hi!:) Thanks too for always sharing comment :)God bless you!:)


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