Wednesday, November 23, 2011

YOU Raised Me Up

 As I remember what I've done in my life 
                                           The path that I took, the decision I made;
I humbly bow my head, oh Heavenly Father
For all the things that YOU have given  me.
There are times when skies were gray
And I am on verge of  my giving up;
YOU did not allow me, my LORD
But quickly you came and rescued me.

YOU taught me to hold on, fight for the good
YOU taught me to be strong and never lose hope
How lucky I am, to be one of your children
May YOU accept  my poem, oh Heavenly Father.




                     My humble thanks to YOU my LORD...



  1. God has always been times when it seems that life has been unfair and we felt alone..He has always been there listening to our every cry..He sees every pain..He allows those adversities in our lives to help us grow, to learn and to become a better person He wanted us to be..

    *emo mode din si ate hehhe..*

  2. This is one of my graduation songs Sis, and this songs is one of the songs that make me teary always. Since that time I have been through ups and downs, but Lord raise me up every time I feel like stumbling down and cannot get back on my feet again. God has been always there for me despite of my shortcomings, God has been always there for me for who I am. Thank you LORD! I love this song!!! Thank you for sharing this Ate Dang.

  3. @demie, thank you so much for sharing.:) Great time for you!:)

  4. @Sie, thanks a lot sis, right on that! HE is always there for us to protect no matter what happen.:) We are just learning from our mistake.:)

    Have a lovely day! Minsan emo talaga, di maiwasan eh..lols..

  5. @Prime, I love this song too and it also makes my tears fall talaga..And by listening to this, I can say time for atleast a little prayer, it's awakening song for me too.:) Ingat..:)

  6. Lovely Poem.....Lord has been always with us and he will always be there with us....Keep Smiling!!! :)

  7. @Hisila, you're right on that! Lord is always around us and always there when we needed HIM.: Thanks for sharing!:)

  8. I am listening to this again, last night I listened to this song until I was done blogging. Ingat Ate Dang!

  9. What a beautiful and inspiring post :)

  10. We can never forget that God our Lord will never let us fall.

  11. @Michelle My Bell,

    Thank you for dropping by with your comment:)Happy to hear from you again!:)

    Have a wonderful day!:)

  12. @Prime,

    Thanks a lot kuya for your support! Have a wonderful day!:)

  13. @Miss Lego,

    Hi Miss Lego, you're right God never failed to help us even for once:)Have a blessed day Miss Lego!:)

  14. nice. very nice. u're a skilled blogger

  15. Hi Inspector,

    Again my deepest thanks for you sir:)I know I am not that one, but I am trying my best to share good post to all my friends:)

    Thanks a lot Inspector!:) Happy to see you always around:) Wonderful day for you!:)

  16. I love this song! Last night I listened with this repeatedly, and so I am doing it again tonight! Hello Sis!

  17. Hi Prime,

    Thank you so much.:) You really love this song as I can see.:) Happy Monday!:)

  18. From: cookingvarieties

    Hi saggittarian, thanks so much for your visit and the lovely comments. Will try to add more humor to my posts next time.
    I enjoy reading your posts too- full of love and sweet haikus sometimes, as such I thought you were a single lady. Ha ha.

    To me, i believe we all need help from God at all times, we cant make it on our own. Have a nice day dear.

  19. Hi there Wan!:)

    Happy to hear that from you!:) I can kiss you right now because you make my heart so big!lols..

    I received your comment through email,so I posted it here. Thank you so much Wan, you're such a good person and a friend:) Have a blessed Monday!:)

  20. I am here again, I am here again to listen to this beautiful song Sis Dang, I love this song and I will always listened this :) How are you my friend ?

  21. @Prime, thank you so much kuya!I'm fine now, thanks a lot!:)


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