Friday, December 9, 2011


waiting for this day
to feel your embrace
and have your heart forever
Why do we need to be far
why not here by my side now
so I may feel the sweetness
of your tender kisses. 
with this song
reminds me
our dreams 
in real
 in each others arm
on this

Image credit: Mobileapples


  1. Wow, love drips through each and every letter of this piece, that substantiates unflinching, unfathomable affection of a true lover . Lovely.

  2. ok is this a love can transform you are doing poems ate..a tear drop shape poem..which means you are really missing him..if I'll do a poem it will be shaped like droplets of rain hahaha..passing by po ;)

  3. ay ate that's the wedding song of my hon for me eh sniff sniff..unahan mo ako hmp!

  4. That's a beautiful song. I like it.

  5. I love this sweetie. Made me think a bit.
    Great as usual.
    Nice day to you.

  6. This is a great masterpiece my friend~! I like this, and I love that rose! You have showered this blog you know with the sincerity of your hearts! I can relate to this, and you know that exactly, I hope so LOL .... :)

  7. Its, simple and a beautiful poem!Loved it! :)

  8. Wow!Wow! You did it excellently. And the romantic words in it...Oh! it's so beautiful! Keep creating! :)

    @Sie - Hehehe...are you going to flood your blog??

  9. Hello.
    First time hearing that song.
    Wonderful words & very romantic poetry.
    Thank you for sharing visiting. I sincerely appreciate your kind words on my recent post.

    For ref:
    My Wife, My Priceless Jewel

  10. @Sam,

    Hi, thank you so much Sam..:) Your words are very flattering!:) Thank you again..:)

    God Bless you!:)

  11. @Sie,

    Sis thanks a lot!:) Actually it's a flower that showering a bit,hehehe..:) Lakas pang amoy mo sis, lols..:))

    Gandang umaga!:)

  12. @Sie,

    Oh.. is this your wedding song??? uhmmm... sensya na po..:)


  13. @Missy,

    Thanks for popping in!:) Hope to hear from you again, soon..:)

    Great day for you!:)

  14. @Berlina,

    Hi, thank you..:) It's ok if you think something, but make sure it's just a bit alright??lols..

    Thank you for coming!:) Great time for you!:)

  15. @Prime,

    Thanks as always, uhmmm.. and what is that you're thinking? but you're wrong my friend..:)

    Thank you so much!:) Have a nice day!:)

  16. @Aakriti,

    Hi, thank you so much..:) Your comments made me feel special..:)

    Thanks my friend!:) Have a great time!:)

  17. @Andy,

    Hi Andy,:) Thank you for coming!:) It's always an honor for me to have a visitor that is really a great poetic!:) I like your piece always inspiring and very romantic..:)

    Wonderful time for you!:)

  18. @Balqis,

    Hi..:) Thanks for sending me your double wow wow!!:) It makes me feel happy and great!:) My deepest thanks to you Balqis, for always showing me
    your support.:)

    May God bless and shower you more blessings:) Happy blogging!:)

  19. WoW! What an exceptionally BEAUTIFUL post from start to finish! The poem is lovely and I'm *applauding* you for arranging your words in the creative shape of a tear drop!

    This is the first time I've heard this fabulous song and I'm falling in love with it! Perfect choice :) Thanks for blessing us with this beauty :) ♥

  20. @Princesa Fiona,

    Thank you so much for your kind words..:)I really feel blessed today because of your words, thank you so much..:) I love this song, even if it makes my tears drop..lols

    Have a wonderful time Lady Fiona!:) God bless you!:)

  21. hi saggittarian, this is such a lovely piece of love poem.. i enjoy myself reading this. have a great weekend aggittarius,, will visit your otyer 2 blogs now :)

  22. @Wan,

    Hi, thank you so much for your nice comment!:) Your such a good friend Wan, :) Thanks a lot!:) God bless you!:)

  23. And I am wrong why ? LOL, you have to make this clear to me my friend :) please ....

  24. @Prime,

    Hi, thank you for visiting again, and make some kulit hehehe.. actually, I was wrong and not you..hahaha ok na? I know you know that!:) And I know you're happy this time..uhmmm..:) Same here with me, :)

    Nice time Kuya!:)

  25. Hi,
    Wonderful poem...and I simply loved it!!!! :) Keep Writing and Keep Smiling!! :)

  26. @Hisila,

    Hi, thanks for sharing!:) Happy to hear from you again!:) Have a nice time in blogging!:)

  27. LOL, I love that kulit thing of you! I am so proud of you too because everyday it turns out that you improved your blogging passion, it can be felt in your post my friend Sis Dang! And to tell you, Ed has sent you the chains :)

  28. @Prime,

    Thank you again, for always giving me your nice comment :)And about the will I send you and Ed my deepest thanks? Wala po ako pambayad nun eh..lols.. Maraming Salamat po sa inyung dalawa..:)

  29. @As I Was Saying,

    Hi, thank you for coming and shared your words,thank you so much..:) Happy to see you around.:)

    Happy Monday!:)

  30. LOL I told you it's free Sis, I hope you really like them and it shows at your other post so I am really thankful you know for making you happy in our own little way... and just to let you know that i come back here again to read your post again and listen to this nice song :)

  31. Hi sagittarian..there is so much love around in cyber...from sie from balqis and from you and the others too..oooh i would love to be loved too and love to love..mmm thinking of him now, why is he so far away.. iam awake,he is sleeping.
    have a nice day dear

  32. short and beautiful...very well written

  33. @Wan,

    Hello1:) lols. he is just sleeping?? mmmmm..thanks for sharing, yes, love is in the air here at blogosphere!:))

  34. @Alka,

    Thank you for visiting!:) Have a nice day!:)

  35. Hey ! =D

    Hmm, wonderful poem, romantic! Are you and Sie twins? Lool, =P
    Stay happy, Take care

  36. @Dana,

    Hi!:) thanks for dropping by..:)Me and Sie are like sisters, and like you, both pretty!:) lols..:)) just kidding!:)

    Have a wonderful day Dana!:) I'm happy to see you around!:)


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