Friday, December 16, 2011

Miracle Of Love

Do you believe in miracle?
A miracle that bind ones heart?
it's a miracle that we can't understand
and always can't overcome.
Both were afraid of what love could bring
but its a miracle that no one could imagine
that love can move mountain
and touch even the sky.


I love          miracle
touches      our heart
from the very first met
until this time of day
the miracle of love
never deceive us
it's always


                                                                                  Image credit: Abststar


  1. @Sam,

    Thanks a lot for coming!:) Great day for you!:)

  2. @Aakriti,

    Hi, thank you for visiting!:) Have a nice day ahead!:)

  3. I agree with Samrat and Aakriti. Love, lovely post!

    I do believe in the miracle of love, where the impossible becomes possible.

  4. This is SO beautiful and again, very creative, dear Sagittarian! :) I love how you formed the heart from tiny heart images and then placed the words inside!

    Love is a very miraculous thing that knows no boundaries! I ♥ this post!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend, my friend. Thank you for sharing with us :)

  5. Love is a miracle Sagittarian.
    One miracle no one will ever be able to understand or explain, but i believe we should just love and be loved. No use wasting such a great miracle at all.
    Awesome post and have a great day.

  6. love love love..and as what they say what the author writes in her posts is usually just an expression of her true feelings hay atehhhhh.. look your eye bags are bulging again..because you are always thinking of him hehehe..ok ok I'm talking to myself too hehehe ;)

  7. @Balqis,

    Thank you for coming as always..:) It's true miracle of love can do everything.:)

    Good evening..:)

  8. @Princesa Fiona,

    Thank you so much for liking my post, it's my pleasure to share all what I can give, it's because a miracle of love wants to show that love can make ones heart poetic and artistic sometimes..:)

    Have a lovely day Princesa Fiona!:)

  9. @Berlina,

    Hi thank you for coming, it's true love is a miracle thing especially if it's given in both ways, love and be loved.:) Have a great time!:)

  10. @Sie,

    Hi sis, your really smart..:)Yap, my eyes and my heart now are like yours!:)lols.. Waaaahhh:(

    Thank you sis, miss you too..:)

  11. Thank you for sharing this Sis. I love this post, you have a heartfelt entry here :)

  12. @Prime,

    Glad to hear that from you!:) Thank you!:)

  13. @cindyrina,

    Thank you for sharing..:) And for visiting.:) God bless you!:)

  14. hi sagittarian, very beautiful
    hope today we all have this miracle in love..
    have a nice day dear

  15. @Wan,

    Hi!:) Thank you for coming!:)Hopefully miracle of love will shower us here!:)lols..

    Thank you so much!:)

  16. Hello.
    Love is a beautiful emotion & can endear two hearts to each other, if they let it.
    Nice sentiments & imagery.
    I like the music too! (smile)
    Thanks for sharing.

    For ref:
    An Inscription Of Love

  17. @Andy,

    hi thank you for coming!:) I owe this song from your blog..:) Happy to hear your words here again Andy!:)

    Great time for you!:)

  18. And to tell you I got the button for this blog and now visible in the directory Sis Dang :)

  19. @Prime,

    Really?? Oh.. thank you so much Prime!:) You're great and so kind!:)

    God bless you!:)

  20. Hi,
    Another wonderful post.....Keep Smiling!!! :)

  21. Love is certainly one of the most beautiful parts of life.

  22. @Hisila,

    Thank you for coming, right, keep smiling!:)

    Merry Christmas..:)

  23. @Missy,

    Thank you for dropping by, it's true love is one of the most and sweetest gift from God..:)

    Thank you for sharing!:) Merry Christmas..:)


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