Friday, September 9, 2011

Magic From Love

                      Happy to let you know
                      You make me glow
                      I feel so good, it's true
                      So glad that I have you
                      You love me so
                      Now all is bright

                      I'll always thank you for the glow
                      And thank you for the joy
                      Thank you for the love you give to me
                      I'm glowing, glowing inside
                      With your love shining through
                      Thank you for everything you do
                      I'm glowing inside because of you..

What magic does Love has? Why love can make you sing most of the time? If you want to say something to your loved one and can't say it in front of him/her.. Send  a piece of song.. And song will do it for you..


  1. I agree Sagittarian..he does it to me often..he sings and plays the guitar hehehe..I can sing but usually I'd rather say I love you than sing hahaha..I'm not good on lyrics like him..thank you for greeting us :)

  2. It's my pleasure Sie..:) Thank you too for visiting and sharing your special moment..:)

    Wishing you both more happiness!

  3. This is really beautiful! :)
    It would be so romantic sending him a song especially when the lyrics are so sentimental. :)

  4. Thanks Balqis! Have a wonderful day..:)

  5. hi sagittarian, love is in the air- happy you must be.. yay yay

  6. Yes my friend!(@cookingvarieties) Love is in the air!!! .:))

    I can sing, I can dance, because a magic from love is in the air..:) Thanks! Have a wonderful day!..:)

  7. This is a very beautiful article, and very sincered, it comes from your heart it seems.

  8. Thanks! It's a magic from love..:) When you feel deep in love, you become poet more often..:)

    Thanks again Miss Lego!.:)

  9. Beautiful Post! I am busy hopping around this evening...follow back please @ and on facebook @ Thanks!

  10. Thanks friend!.:) Keep it up!.:) God bless...

  11. Hi!.:) Thanks Toyin O! Your comment and time is much appreciated!.:)

    Have a nice day!.:)

  12. Hi Izdiher!.:) Thanks for visiting!.:) I would love to follow your blog too!.:)

    Have a wonderful day!

  13. Thanks for all the loves you gave to me, even though we are far apart. Even though we don't know yet when the time will come to us. But all the loves I feel in you, and all the loves you gave to me, it means everything, so inspired.

  14. Hi Lizzy! :)

    Thanks for coming! :) Happy to see you around! Magic from love can make us all inspired..:)Have a great day!

  15. Totally agree with your last lines!


..I would love to hear from you..:)