Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You First Believed

                   It's been a long time since we meet                   
through this world of internet
I must not believe  you
'coz you're a

 Times go by still you were there
 to show and make me believe
That you're different
Unlike others

I don't want  to believe
    that someone like you
   stranger from here
can make me

"If it was from here, it's not for real"
 this is how we thought,
 people here before,
   changes came 
when you believe in


LOVE can change ones MIND
...There's No Stranger When Heart Believes In Love...

Image Credit: glitterfy.com

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

YOU Raised Me Up

 As I remember what I've done in my life 
                                           The path that I took, the decision I made;
I humbly bow my head, oh Heavenly Father
For all the things that YOU have given  me.
There are times when skies were gray
And I am on verge of  my giving up;
YOU did not allow me, my LORD
But quickly you came and rescued me.

YOU taught me to hold on, fight for the good
YOU taught me to be strong and never lose hope
How lucky I am, to be one of your children
May YOU accept  my poem, oh Heavenly Father.




                     My humble thanks to YOU my LORD...


Friday, November 18, 2011

Priceless Gift From Thousand Miles

 I had a gift a priceless gift
From thousand miles
 It reaches me  here
With  heart on it
 I can't tell  how much
 All I know is
I'm so lucky with this
What gift is more special
With what I have now?
Maybe this is nothing
Compared to those you have
You know what is it?
It's not  inside the box
But it's outside of it
The  sweetest gift I got..

 The hand written from a thousand mile is here..

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All Because Of You

Yesterday I was not this happy
                       Until you came Today 
And show me what Tomorrow can give..
How lovely this days for me
All because of you..

Images credit: Gliiterfy.com

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Way You Are

I love the sweetness from you,
 The way you filled my lips
From your soft heart that is full of love

I love it when you touch me
When you holding me tight
And play with my fingers, I love it all with you

You are my love, my breath and my life
No one can be like you, no one can do what you did
Nothing can compare with you.

I love the way you are..

Image Credit; highwallpapers.com

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yes I Did It Again!

I don't feel good while doing this blog,
Fever and cold  was trying to hold
But  I have my duty that I need to do
This is to share and make you feel good.

I may not be good and can't be like you
But I will try my best to make it worth for you
I thought I couldn't make it because of this feeling
But with love and passion I'm here and sharing my writing.

Hold-on for a second, you can leave after awhile
I would like to tell you, how happy I am
Because I made you stay and read my post now 
Thank you my friend, because  I did it again..

Credit Image: Michal Marcol (Freedigitalphotos.net)