Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Photo Inspirations.. ~Love & Care.. (#5)

My Wednesday Photo Inspirations  

 If animals can show love and care...


Why not human?

GOD created human to be special,
sharing love and care especially to those
people who really need some, makes them feel indeed special..

To all my friends I would like to share my Wednesday Photo Inspirations even though our friend Dana is not around this time. Let's share our prayer to all our friends who are now facing challenges in life. May God continue to bless and guide them in life's journey.

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Inspirations: Dana's Diary Secrets

Friday, March 23, 2012

~I'm Here..

 It may look like you are alone, but that's not true
Maybe loneliness makes you feel blue

Heterogeneity makes emotions flow
Experiences in life is an open window
Reminder for us or just a precautions
Every problem has a solutions.

I'm here
when you needed a friend..

Rain or shine..

Sunday, March 18, 2012

~Wave at heart...

freaking nerve
    shaking   ~o~  inside
 and ~*~ pissing   us   off
uncertain~*~ *~*~emotions
  and  uncertain  smile was shown
between   lovers  who  are   at  wave
Hope NOT BROKENHEARTED  at the end.
Is  your  heart at   wave, shaking, aching?
forget those who  hurt  you  before
because tomorrow's waiting
to   open ~*~ another  door
that has certain heart
and certain love
 awaits you

Special thanks to The Princess Passions - Princesa Fiona
Sharing my second Nonet attempt.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

~Sharing Wednesday Photo Inspirations.. (#3)

Original photo here

 Beauty may wither,
heart from true lovers will not
'till death do they part'

~ ( o ) ~ ( o ) ~ ( o ) ~

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 Wednesday Photo Inspirations!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


At night
Moon was so bright
Inner mind was at flight
Thinking and dreaming what is right.
Dear wishing you are near with me
Clear my mind with it's doubt
Fear allowed not

 Conflict begins and end with the mind and heart, but it doesn't mean 'NO END'

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Monday, March 5, 2012

~Undying love...

love only to YOU *~*

I've fallen in LOVE many times.. always with the same person, it's YOU..

Love makes me survive, it gives life to my foolish heart
Our promises keeps us together even though sometimes it only hurt
Victim of love is what they call , loving you is all I know
Even tears filled my eyes, LOVE keeps holding on to make it grow

Your shadow and smile, in my eyes you're my happiness
One day, our love will bring us success
Undying love that comes from God is now with me and  YOU..

Coffee might taste bitter sometimes but we love sipping it..
Just like love sometimes bitter but it can be sweeter too, God's will..

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

~Four Letter Word...

Alone in empty room
mind was flying without bloom.
Heart was totally at gloom,
because four letter word was at doom.

 Life sometimes is so unfair
for those in love who's fair.
This four letter word was in despair
still waiting for you to be my pair.

Tears begun to show
and patience was very low.
But heart protect word in anyhow,
wishing to take each others vow.

Four letter word 'LOVE' was fall
only to you I'll give it all.
Because 'LOVE' for me has no wall
for those who's 'LOVE' was not appall.


Four letter word 'LOVE'
must be shared with no regrets,
only God Knows best ..

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