Monday, April 2, 2012

~ Contrite Heart..

I clasp my hand, upon my chest
I bend my knees and bow my head
Tears run down and keep on falling
Like a river without end.

Even when no words were uttered
My aches, my joys or my sufferings
In living, loving or even losing
I know, YOU always understand.

In weakness, I have fallen
In doubt, I lost my path
But you are kind and forgiving
To a humble, contrite heart.

My life is filled with so much beauty
No wonder why I'm still here living
I feel Thy bounteous grace
I thank and praise GOD endlessly.



  1. What a gentle and gracious poem Sagittarian! I had been waiting to read your poetry since it's been awhile since you posted one. Your prayers shall not go unheard.

    Lots of love! Take care! =)

  2. This was a beautiful prayer, Sagittarian! I often write prayers to God in poetic form as well. It's the best way that I can express myself to Him. I pray that the Lord will answer your prayer, Dear Friend. :)

  3. what a beautiful prayer, especially for this easter week.

  4. Same here Ate..I love your post..I am speechless because it has the exact words I want to say to God ;)

  5. praise be to God who gaves us life and soon unto him we shall return.
    I hope you are okay

  6. This is beautiful and heart felt poem.....I can relate to this poem...God is there to help us in need...he forgives our mistakes.....Humans can cheat us...betray us...put us down....But God's always there to help us!....When all doors are closed, the only refuge God...Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem

  7. hi linda, i find that you and sie are quite pious, always think of God.
    without God, nothing exists, only He can make thing happened.
    And we all should take care of this great world and not destroy it.
    If there is love in our hearts, we will not destroy God's gift to us.
    have a nice day

  8. Dear Sagittarian,
    In God we can truly trust and it is He who loves us unconditionally. What a heartfelt & loving prayer. Thank you for sharing.
    Wishing you well.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...


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